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Automotive Control Panels

Control panels have become a fundamental part of the manufacturing process, being used to control highly varied processes including boot liner installation, floor mats, seat belts, sunroof and saloon roof, the door panel trims, the headrest covers, pump filters, industrial insulating material, anti-rattle pads, industrial airbags, and column padding. In fact, pretty much every element of automotive manufacture can now be automated utilising control panels.

Food and Beverage Control Panels

Control panels for the food and beverage. In this industry, machines are used to both create the vessels that will hold the food or beverage product and to fill that vessel with the product. Machinery control panels operate the machines that help construct or fill those vessels whereas the conveying control panels operate the equipment that transports the vessel between machines to be built, labelled, filled, sealed and packaged for shipping.

Brewing Control Panels

The brewary industry makes extensive use of control panels to reduce costs and automate the brewary process. The control panel houses the lights, switches, and controls that is used to monitor and control the brewing process . The control system uses the information from those level-sensors and controls the run-off.
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