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Case Studies

The Objective
To produce a state-of-the-art new food facility using the latest technology, meeting all current regulations, reducing maintenance downtime and spares holding whilst meeting the highest possible level of hygienic design
The Challenge
To produce factory wide standard products, standard electrical and arrangement designs, together with delivering all equipment within a very short project timeline from Order in October 2019, to first deliveries in January 2020 to start of commissioning in March 2020
The Solution
PCP took a radical approach and made available to all potential automation vendors our standard hardware design specification along with all electrical and arrangement templates to ensure that the delivered plant wide solution was based upon the supplied standards.
Equipment used
Custom form3 IP55 MCC’s, Rockwell Contrologix PLC, Point I/O, Rockwell Stratix managed network hardware, Schneider controlgear, Danfoss FC302 drives, Rockwell Power supplies, Weidmuller Maxguard, Rittal HD enclosures
The Result 
Consistent plant wide hardware, designs and arrangements translates into reduced spares holding requirement, reduced machine down time due to consistency of and familiarity of design with a solution based upon the latest safety and electronic load monitoring capability.

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